Zeus Cyprus detectives Investigation Department

1. Premarital investigations.
2. Matrimonial Private Investigations.
3. Photographs.
4. Video filming.
5. Research on property figures.
6. Collection confidential information.
7. Background checks.
8. Missing persons investigations.
9. Finding economic data of companies.
10. General investigations for companies.
11. Protecting minors from drugs and juvenile delinquency.
12. Gather evidence for judicial purposes.
13. We undertake the installation of GPS vehicle tracking devices in private or corporate vehicles.

Zeus Cyprus detectives Sales Department

Make your own personal  investigations with latest technology  surveillance systems that can be controlled even from abroad.
 Construct monitoring systems that are unbeatable to your needs.
1. Sound systems (for rooms and vehicles).
2. Car monitoring systems via satellite(GPS).
3. Detectors concealed tracking devices monitoring.
4. GPS-GSM signal blocking system.
Full technical support with one year  warranty for each device is provided.

Zeus Cyprus detectives Specializes checks Department

Zeus Cyprus detectives using high-tech systems and detectors conducts surveys for:
1. Detection of barking and specialized sound monitoring systems in enclosed places and vehicles.
2. Hidden cameras detection.
3. Telephone line security.
4. Radio transmitters detected.
5. GPS-GSM tracking detected.
Our office also provides with the latest quality electronic countermeasure identifying toxic metals(substances) indoors investigations to detect any high quantities of toxic substances.

Zeus Security Services

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